You can do more than just satisfying their basic needs! You can provide a progressive, holistic form of Early Childhood education for them.

Support one of the many projects:
The Lotus Children’s Home: Provide All-round Care for girls

A girl child without enough food and a family that can take care of her. She has to work hard helping in the farm and has no opportunity to go to school. After all the farm work, she has to walk far with her siblings to get water. As she grows, she has to cook for the family using firewood. She has no hope and just strives to survive.

You can really make a difference to her life! Pictured above a 3 years old girl who found in our Lotus’s home all her basic needs… after 3 years of caring love, she has a smiling face in the picture below

Now she is being taken care of and has a home. She gets nutritious and regular meals. Being in a nurturing environment helps her learn and be happy. By supporting LOTUS you can ensure basic needs and all-round care for girls who have been abandoned by their relatives or belong to families that are unable to take care of them.

At the “LOTUS CHILDREN’s HOME”, these girls are raised in an uplifting environment and as part of a family. Each girl is imparted education in physical, emotional, intellectual, moral, and spiritual spheres which enables her to become a dignified member and an asset to society.

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Support the Lotus Children Center Preschool: Provide high-quality education and free nutritious vegetarian meals for needy students

Harsh conditions!… The public schools are crowded and the teachers intimidate their students by using fear tactics to control them. Kofi is often hungry and because that he can’t concentrate well in his studies…
At home he finds himself in a crowded room with his family. They don’t have time to provide him support for his studies as they are struggling to make ends meet.

You can change Kofi’s world!

At Lotus Preschool, Kofi can get attention from loving educators. Apart from academics, they care for his health and teach him good behavior.

Kofi: “At Lotus Preschool I learn through playing. I can read. I can write beautifully. I am important. Here I feel safe and I can discover myself and the world. It is my second home.”

Like Kofi, most of the Lotus’s pupils come from disadvantaged backgrounds. By donating, you enable children who had little hope regarding education, to have a chance to attend the beautiful Lotus Preschool where they get the care they deserve. By supporting Lotus, you also help provide nutritious food to them.

Why should you support the Lotus children’s preschool?

To improve the quality of life of the poor and underprivileged: The government’s preschool in our community is free but grossly overcrowded. Private schools are not an option for many people who do not have a stable job and depend on street trade to survive and provide for their families.

To support Social change: Our educational approach is based on Neo-humanism, a benevolent outlook which nurtures a deeply ecological perspective by encouraging love for the entire creation. Once the awareness of a young child is awakened, s/he naturally develops an inclination to unconditional service for the welfare of other people, plants, animals, soil, water, air… finally his/her actions will be dedicated to the welfare of the whole world.

Individual fulfillment: Our goal is to fully develop the physical and mental potentialities of the child by applying creative and dynamic learning activities, along with yoga practices that help them to deal with their emotions. Through stories, play and different forms of art we inspire them to embrace morals as the basis of their intellectual growth. One does not teach morals through fear, but through the deep comprehension of the importance and beauty of promoting one’s and other’s well-being.

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Other projects:

PATH OF JOY LIBRARY & Primary school: We are focused on improving the quality and accessibility of education in Ghana and the quality of life. We strive to help individuals become creative, conscientious, confident, and caring who then collaborate with others, use their knowledge for the welfare of society, contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty in their communities, and encourage each person to fulfill their full potential.
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Relief Work in Villages:You donation for Relief Work in villages could be used for:
Short-term services: To provide educative mass feedings, to support medical camps, clothes distribution and other relief activities in poor villages such as MAfi-Zongo, at Volta Region of Ghana.
Long-term services: You contribute to educational programs that support women’s personal and social development, income-generating activities for underprivileged women.
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The center was called “LOTUS CHILDREN’S CENTER” because the Lotus flower symbolizes purity. It grows in muddy ponds, yet all dirt simply slides off its petals. Similarly, we hope that despite whatever disadvantaged backgrounds our children may come from, they will also grow up to be like these symbolic flowers.

Why the children need to be provided free meals?

In Ghana, children are 40% more likely to live in poverty than adults. UNICEF states that 1.2 million households are unable to supply an adequate amount of food for their children. The World Food Program reports that 27% of households are at risk of hunger in Ghana. About 1/3 of the population is living on less than $1.25 a day, which means providing a balanced diet for one’s family is extremely difficult.

By donating you can play a useful role in helping vulnerable communities break the cycle of poverty and gain greater control over their lives. Development of society is a human exchange: people sharing wisdom, knowledge, resources and experience to build a better world.

Low cost Education and free meals

All round care for girls

Relief service in village

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