Funded Projects

Project name: Daily Mass Feeding

Sponsored by: AMURT, UK (August, 2021 to January, 2022)

Who’s benefitting: Kids attending Lotus Children Center classes, kids in the Children’s home and staff.

We are feeding the children every morning during the weekdays with meals made of local nutritious food.

6 months of free breakfast program:

Our pupils now have access to nutritious food which helps them to grow healthy. When they get a fulfilling meal in the morning, they become more attentive in their studies through the day. The parents are relieved from the stress of having to feed their kids in the morning.

The appreciation for the local food: Ghanaian food is very nutritious –made of millet, plantain, brown rice, roots, groundnuts, maize, etc. Yet, many are replacing their traditional meals by the Western fast food. By feeding our pupils delicious local food, we are educating them and their parents to value it.

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