Funded Projects

Project name: Improvement of Lotus Children Centre & Mass    Feeding

We are glad to inform you that we could complete the repairs and improve upon the facility as described in our project proposal. The help we got from the following NGO and individuals were of fundamental importance to the establishment of the project:

Financial Support:

  NAWA – North American Women Association

           Ananda Marga, Sweden

          Charity Lunch organized by Donatella and Giovanni from Italy

          Ananda Marga, Ghana


 Mr Rajah W. from Kane Em factory

          Mr Rajah from Kay Gee Enterprises

         Your assistance has inspired us to move further and reach out to many who are in need.

Thank you

Didi Gayatri. (Director)


1.      Water tank

A ten thousand litre water tank and a water pump were bought to solve the water problem we face in dry seasons. Now the girls of the Home and the school children can live better.

We donated one of our two small size water tanks to the Communitarian Health Clinic at Domiabra, and with help from a welder and plumber; we expanded the old platform behind the main building to sustain the two tanks for serving the first floor. For the new 10000 litre polytank, a new platform was constructed in front of the house with water proof cement


We got a 15% discount and free delivery from the director of Poly Tank Ghana Limited – Roto. Our trusted plumber from the local community assisted the mason to raise the new platform before he setup the poly tank.


We have now stored enough water to keep the house going for more than two months. It is really a blessing because we use to be without water, sometimes 2-3 weeks in the dry seasons.

  2.      The Pump

The water pump will pump water to the tanks behind the main building when the water pressure is not strong enough to fill the two tanks behind the main building.

A mason raised the floor to avoid rain water from having access to the electrical pump. The welder constructed an iron cage and welded it to the facility to avoid robbery. The installation of the pump was done by a member of the community.


We got a discount for the pump, thanks to Mr Rajah from Kay Gee Limited. He also gave a good discount for 2 water sensors for the project.

3.      Painting:

In Accra, many houses have problems with water and salt infiltration which damps the walls of buildings, making the plastering fall apart. In order to repair the much affected walls of the building we needed to tizel and plaster the wall with water anti-proof chemicals. The anti-damp treatment is quite expensive but we got it and now we have painted the facility including: front and inside walls, upstairs and downstairs walls of the house, classroom, meditation hall, new bathroom, playground, benches and tables, downstairs doors and windows.

4.      Security:

We got new hand locks, iron doors, barbed wire and wooden cross bar behind some doors. As it is a Girl’s Home and domestic security is very important in Ghana. Also, we replaced the roof of the store room and toilets to avoid water infiltration during rains.

5.      Mass Feeding

We cook regularly at least once a month to feed the children in some poor communities in Central Region of Ghana. Initially, 120 children attended but the number has increased. (In March, about 500 children attended). We got an industrial stove to fast track cooking at the village. Also we bought large size pots and gas cylinders which have expedited our work in the poor communities.

6.      Additional

Nawa sponsored 1 new toilet room for the Nursery and Kindergarten. The toilet was installed free of charge by Mr. Adotey Hoffman, a member from the local community who knows the Centre from his childhood.

Now we have 2 new toilets for the Nursery and Kindergarten

We have carried out electrical repairs in the entire house and acquired 3 new fans (two standing fans for the office and nursery class and one ceiling fan for the library).

We purchased rice cooker for the Children’s Home. It helps in preparing early breakfast for the girls who live quite early for school.

Now that we have electricity in the library, the school children in the local community can watch Educative movies. The good news is that Mr Rajah donated 1 new computer and 3 monitors in March. We have started computer classes for the girls of the Home as well as some girls in the local community. The computer instructor is a dedicated volunteer who comes to the Children’s Home on Sundays.

We now have one new table for nursery and additional tables for kindergarten. Repairs were made to the main gate and “sea-saw” in the playground. Plastering with anti proof cement were done on many walls of the facility.


How many people will benefit from this project, who are they?

There are 7 girls in Lotus Children Home: Aruna and Kalyanii who are in the Nursing training, Laksmi and Asiima who are in the Senior High School, Ambhini and Mukti who are in their last year of the Senior High School and Indumatii who is in Junior High School.

In the school, there are 2 teachers and 21 children in Lotus Nursery/KG. We also have regular visitors from the children in the neighborhood who share our facility.

The local Community

We are starting Children’s Club with the objective to give extra-curricular activities. We shall focus on improving reading and writing skills, arts and crafts, moral lessons, drama and songs, etc. We already have a volunteer who is teaching computer skills. Didi Gayatri is also interested in starting adult’s literacy classes.