Lotus Children’s Centre

Girl’s Home
The home takes in girls of all ages who are orphaned or from needy families. The home provides quality care, protection and including primary and secondary school education as long as the girls have the capacity to meet the basic requirements of study and understanding at the respective primary or secondary level.

The girls receive ongoing university, college or technical training if they demonstrate a mature outlook and self-discipline sufficient for their studies. Those who have completed their formal education receive practical skills and job training.

The Home fosters self-dependency and career development and assists all the girls in their transition to employment and responsible, independent living after their formal education.

The Home is a safe, clean, orderly family-like setting where the girls develop pro-social skills and behaviour. They grow up with cardinal human values such as honesty, truth, respect, service and cleanliness through the example of role models of caretakers, as well as through education and reinforcement.

The Home inspires appreciation for one’s cultural and religious heritage and respect for other cultures and religions of the universal family. The girls learn practices such as meditation and yoga for healthy physical, mental and spiritual growth and have opportunities for creative expression and for the development of talents and capacities. They are given scope for the development of leadership and sense of responsibility.