About us

About the Organization running the project – AMURTEL

AMURT/EL – AMURT is a United Nations recognized NGO with branches in over 80 countries. AMURT-EL is the ladies managed side of AMURT, which focuses specifically on issues relating to women and children. It was created in the year 1975 by Shrii P. R. Sarkar to run relief and community-based programs around the world anywhere it is needed to uplift the lives of disadvantaged women and children. AMURTEL collaborates with other NGOs in its quest to build a just society where women can enjoy their rights.

There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. A Bird cannot fly with one wing. If women are given proper Nutrition, Healthcare, Education, and Job training (or means of Economic independence) the health of the whole society will improve very fast. Improvement in women’s health and education directly affects the coming generation.

What projects did AMURT-EL establish in Ghana?

AMURT-EL has been active in Ghana since 1984, operating a wide range of social projects through clinics and midwife training programs, providing practical support such as Child care, Health care, Nutritious food, and access to information. In 1985 AMURT-EL broadened its goals to include long-term development. The personal transformation of the individual is the starting point of social change, thus, we lay great emphasis on education.

One of AMURT-EL’S local development projects is the Lotus Children’s Center located in Accra, Ghana. This children’s center is active since 1992 in a slum at Ablekuma. The first project to start there was the Lotus children’s home, which was created to ensure basic rights and provide all-around care for girls who became fatherless/motherless, or who have been abandoned or come from needy families from various regions of Ghana.

In the same year, in order to provide low-cost high-quality education for the local children whose families were unable to fund their education, we started the non-profit Lotus preschool.

In 2012, for the same reasons of helping needy students, we started building the new children’s center Path of Joy Primary School and Library in Opei Kuma – which is an economically backward area of the Central Region of Ghana. The building of Path of Joy Children’s Center is still in process as we look for enough funds to complete the building and open the Primary School.

In 2016 the Path of Joy Library was inaugurated on the already-built area of the site to encourage reading as well as to assist the local children after school.

In the past, we opened numerous primary health outposts in the rural areas of Greater Accra and the Central Region of Ghana. Our missionary’s sisters also started with pre-schools and supplementary feeding programs in the Amasaman district (Obom Area) of the GA region. Yet, it became clear soon that one of the most urgent needs were primary health facilities because of the water-borne diseases such as guinea worm, cholera, and yaws that were rampant at that time. The AMURT-EL clinic in Akwakwaa, Swedru district opened in 1999 and is still active today. In this clinic, we provide cheap medical treatment for local people.


“We stand to create a powerful, dynamic, and up-surging social consciousness, especially amongst the women so that they are inspired to rise, awake, abolish dogma, annihilate all symbols of slavery, and usher in a new era of coordinated cooperation and glorious achievement.”

P.R. Sarkar (founder of AMURT/EL)