All-round care for girls

There is no chance for the welfare of the world unless the condition of women improves. A bird can’t fly with one wing. If women are given proper nutrition, health care, education and job training the balance of the whole society will improve very fast

The Lotus Children’s home

The Children’s Home was started to ensure basic rights and provide all-round care for girls who became fatherless/motherless, who have been abandoned or come from needy families in an uplifting environment – in a family atmosphere –  and to educate them in all spheres: physically, emotionally, intellectually, morally and spiritually so that they may become dignified members of their society and assets to the development of Africa. 

We have focused on looking after girls, since they are neglected the most by their families, and many villagers never send them to school, seeing them only as household servants and farmhands. Women’s low economic status and exploitation in Africa is a direct result of illiteracy and lack of education.                    

You can help them by supporting the opening of the School Path of Joy Children’s Center that will provide our girls with basic education and give the teenagers the skills to support their future economic independence.

For 30 years, the home has been providing quality care, protection as well as primary and secondary school education for girls in vulnerable situations. Our girls receive ongoing university, college or technical training if they prove to have a sufficiently mature outlook and self-discipline for their studies. Those who have completed their formal education receive practical skills and job training. The Home fosters self-dependency and career development and assists all the girls in their transition to employment and  responsible, independent living after their formal education.